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About THC Solo Cup
Message # 1 | Posted on: Friday, 2013-07-12, 4:21 PM
THC Solo Cup 3


[General info]

• The cup will be played on Trackmania Stadium 2
• Registration opens on the 23th of June
•THC Solo Cup will begin on the 4th of August with the Time Attack Knock-out and will end on the 10th of August
with the final.
• There will be a Time Attack knockout to reach the Playoffs. ONLY the Top64 records of the Time Attack knockouts map will go through to the playoffs.
• Watch out! The records need to be on the “THC Solo Cup TA Knockouts” server in order to be validated.
• You can find the server at “Switzerland->THC Solo Cup TA Knockouts” (password: thcsolocup)
• You can of course train on your own server offline and then drive the map on “THC Solo Cup TA Knockouts” server to do a record.
• There is no limit of players, why? Because every player will have a chance to be in the Top64.
• The Dedimania will not be considered in the Top64.
• All the maps of the cup will be from 35to 45s.
• The registration on the forum will be closed on the last day of the TA Knockouts on Wednesday (06/08/14) at 20.00CEST
• The players who will go to the playoffs (Top64 local records on TA Knockouts Server) will be contacted and set into
groups for the 16th-finals which will be release that same night (06/08/14).
• The players will be set randomly into groups in order to prevent complaints from any participants.
• The playing order will be: Group 1 plays first, Group 2 plays second, and so on.
• Several livestreams will be provided for spectators or players waiting for their turn.
• You can LIKE THC Racing on Facebook for news and updates about the cup - https://www.facebook.com/thcracingteam


• Time Attack Knockouts will start on Sunday 03/08/14 at 23.00 CEST together with the release of the first map of the tournament and will end on Wednesday 06/08/14 at 22.00CEST (3 days to reach the Top64).
NEW • Sixteenth-finals will be held on Thursday 07/08/14 and Friday 08/08/14 evening. The event will start at 19.00 CEST with the first match on both days. The 16th-finals will be played in 2 consecutive days. 8 matches will be played on each day.
• Eighth-finals will be held on the Saturday 09/08/14 evening and the event will start at 18.00 CEST (time of the first 1/8 final match).
• Quarter-finals will be held on the Saturday 09/08/14 evening after the 1/8 finals.
• Semi-finals will be held on the Sunday 10/08/14 evening and the event will start at 20.00 CEST (time of the first 1/2
final match).
• Final will be held on the Sunday 10/08/14 evening after the 1/2 finals.

[Release dates]

• 03/08/2014 = Release of the first map for Time Attack Knockouts (23.00 CEST)
• 06/08/2014 = Release of the second map for the 1/16 finals (22.00 CEST)
• 08/08/2014 = Release of the third map for the 1/8 finals and 1/4 finals (20.00 CEST)
• 09/08/2014 = Release of the fourth map for the 1/2 finals and Final (20.00 CEST)


• Knockouts – Top64 players on THC Solo Cup Knockouts server locals records go through.
• 16th-finals – 1v1v1v1 – Cup mode (10,6,4,3 = points distribution)(points limit = 50) : first 2 players of each group pass to 1/8 finals .
• Eight finals - 1v1v1v1 – Cup mode (10,6,4,3= points distribution)(points limit = 50) : first 2 players of each group pass to 1/4 finals .
• Quarter finals - 1v1v1v1 – Cup mode(10,6,4,3 = points distribution)(points limit = 60) : first 2 players of each group
pass to Semi-Finals.
• Semi finals - 1v1v1v1 – Cup mode (10,6,4,3 =points distribution)(points limit = 70) : first 2 of each semi-final pass to the Grand Final.
• Final - 1v1v1v1 – Cup mode (10,6,4,3 =points distribution)(points limit = 100).

[Registration rules]

• Players can register for THC Solo Cup 3 up to 06 August 20.00 (CEST).
• TM login is compulsory (login will be checked during the match to prevent cheating).
• Participant Fee: 1000 planets/player (sendthe planets to the login: no1_the_best with themessage:“PLAYER NAME wants to join THC Solo Cup 3”.
• When you accept to join the tournament, you also accept the rules.


[General rules]

• Before you start playing this cup. You have to take it seriously and of course have fun !
• Play fair, with respect for all players. Don't cheat, as this will lead to a disqualification.
• If any problem occurs, take screenshots or replay as proof and report immediately to an admin which should be on the server.
• We will provide server for all the matches.
• Questions about rules and cup will be answered by the THC Cup Manager or admins of the THC Cup on the forum.

[Scheduling match]

• The matches of the 16th-finals will take around 15 minutes (50 points limit)
• The matches f the eight-finals and quarter finals will take around 10min (1/8=50 pts limit and 1/4=60 pts limit)
• The matches of the semi-final and grand-final will take more than 10min (1/2= 70 and final=100 points limit)
• Between each match there will be 5 minutes for players to come on the server and get warmed up.
• If one or two players of the same group aren't here(of either 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4 finals), there will be a waiting time of 10 minutes, if they don't show up in the 1/8 phase ,match will be played without them.
• On Friday, 1st match (of 1/8 finals) will be played at 18.00CEST, 2nd match at 18.15, 3rd match at 18.30 and so on…
• On Sunday, 1st match (of 1/2 finals) will be played at 20.00CEST.

[During match]

• Server Settings: Cup mode, Points limit: 50,60,70 or 100 depending on the final , Points distribution: 10,6,4,3
• Before you start the match, check the server settings and do a few warm-up rounds. If you notice lag or wrong server settings report it to the admins. When you start the match, this means you agree with the server and you can’t complain during the match or afterwards.
• When a player isn’t present at the scheduled time, the player has 10 minutes to show up (5 minutes being the break time between each match) or we will have to carry without him (meaning that if the players after the top64 are here, they will take their place !)
• Once everyone agrees to start the map, the map has to be played until the end.
• It's forbidden to use shortcuts (If they are used you will not receive any point on the specific round).
• Respawn is allowed.
• If a player is disconnected during a round, the round has to be finished. You have to wait 5 minutes so the player has the possibility to reconnect. If the player isn’t able to connect eventually, the match will continue without him.


1st place: Trackmania2 Stadium Key  + video made by K4NB0W + 100.000 planets
2nd place: Trackmania2 Stadium Key + 70.000 planets
3rd place: 50.000 planets
4th place: 40 000 planets
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