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Map Requirements
Message # 1 | Posted on: Monday, 2014-06-30, 5:20 PM
4 Maps will be chosen to be played during the cup:
-TA knockouts
-1/16 finals
-1/8 and 1/4 finals
-1/2 finals and grand final

•Name: "THC Cup 3 -''name'' use what you want for "name"
•No special signs in the name
•Length: 40-45 seconds
•Use the THC signs (http://thc-cup.ucoz.com/forum/3-31-1)
•Checkpoints backwards are forbidden (only in special cases)
•Using player/team/builder names in mapname is forbidden
•The tracks should not uploaded anywhere
•Blockmixing is allowed, if it does not produce graphical glitches or driving bugs
•Try to stick to the daylight moods (morning, day)
•GPS, Intros & Outros are forbidden
•Using new blocks is allowed
•The scenery is up to you (make sure it doesn't produce lags, lighting problems or graphical bugs!)
•The tracks were not used in any competition before
•The tracks are just known by yourself

Deadlines are on the 27th July 00:00CEST

Send your map(s) to the following address:
Forum » General » Map Contest » Map Requirements
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