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Forum » General » News » ! Cup Dates Changed (MUST READ) ! (The dates have changed, please read this topic.)
! Cup Dates Changed (MUST READ) !
Message # 1 | Posted on: Wednesday, 2014-07-02, 4:28 PM
Hello to everyone. Sadly, we have a bad news.. one of our main admins has some serious family problem.. we can't give you more information than that, the only thing we can let you know is that we decidede (hardly) to change the cup dates...
The reason for which we can't continue without him is that he is one of the main admins of the cup and he has a too big role to be substituted or continue without him.

Here are the new dates:
THC Solo Cup will begin on the 4th of August with the Time Attack Knock-out and will end on the 10th of August
with the final.


• Time Attack Knockouts will start on Sunday 03/08/14 at 23.00 CEST together with the release of the first map of the tournament and will end on Wednesday 06/08/14 at 22.00CEST (3 days to reach the Top64).
• 16th-finals will be held on Thursday 07/08/14 and Friday 08/08/14 evening and the event will start at 19.00 CEST with the first match. The 16th-finals will be played in 2 consecutive days.
• Eight-finals will be held on the Saturday 09/08/14 evening and the event will start at 18.00 CEST (time of the first 1/8 final match).
• Quarter-finals will be held on the Friday 09/08/14 evening after the 1/8 finals.
• Semi-finals will be held on the Sunday 10/08/14 evening and the event will start at 20.00 CEST (time of the first 1/2
final match).
• Final will be held on the Sunday 10/08/14 evening after the 1/2 finals.

[Release dates]

• 03/08/2014 = Release of the first map for Time Attack Knockouts (23.00 CEST)
• 06/08/2014 = Release of the second map for the 1/16 finals (22.00 CEST)
• 08/08/2014 = Release of the third map for the 1/8 finals and 1/4 finals (20.00 CEST)
• 09/08/2014 = Release of the fourth map for the 1/2 finals and Final (20.00 CEST)

Many of you will be angry with this decision probably, so the planets will be refunded to who can't come to our cup after these changes. Please let us know in this topic if you can't come anymore.
Forum » General » News » ! Cup Dates Changed (MUST READ) ! (The dates have changed, please read this topic.)
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