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1/16 Finals
Message # 1 | Posted on: Thursday, 2014-08-07, 0:34 AM
Sixteenth Finals (cup mode - 1v1v1v1 - 10,6,4,3 - 50pts - 2 go through)

Thu 7 August 2014
1) Keruv - Seb - xxrider - Koenz
2) bAp - Toub - 4-Ever - gabbo
3) Fakey - Horeni - Kappa - Massa
4) Tomsen - Sky - shorty - Scrapie
5) xXx - Shark - troLL - tazbolt
6) beat - Famezor - ChillerSide - Milchshakee
7) battou - AmenO - SpeederX - Fuzzy
8) Default - Silver - asserich - Bergie
9) CicimaN - YoYo - Android - B1ts

Fri 8 August 2014
10) link - Zack - SPEED U NEED - zad
11) jeffrey - OwndMax - Slink - znik
12) SeRs - TommyD - Renew - RoaSone
13) spam - Kronos - Xeonn - Flyer
14) Teebs - KrooN - Equinoob - MiQuatro
15) Ziggy - Shief - Slowarse - Royal
16) Zerdh - Scary - maxc - Omnipotz

Results (Model: 1st, 2nd)

1) Koenz, Keruv
2) N9ne, Gabbo
3) Kappa, Massa
4) Shorty, Tomsen
5) troLL , shark
6) beat ,  chillerside
7) SpeederX , battou
8) Bergie , asserich

9) Yoyo, Bits
10) link, SPEED U NEED
11) jeffrey, znik
12) TommyD , Sers
13) Spam , Kronos
14) Equinoob , MiQuatro
15) Ziggy, Royal
16) Omnipotz, Zerdh

"THC Cup 3 - Shotgun!'" by link (on MX: http://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/68813)
Message # 2 | Posted on: Thursday, 2014-08-07, 6:06 PM
Quote bap ()
Hi, is it possible to change the date of my group to friday? i have to play soccermatch today ;( Would be awesome.

Grtz bAp

Hey, not really sad because we would have to ask the other 7 players for this change [3 from your group and 4 from the group which has to be replaced tomorrow] which takes time and might create confusion (some players might not even be online till tomorrow or not willing to play today).
I'm really sorry! We can though change orders in the same day if that helps you in any case.
Message # 3 | Posted on: Thursday, 2014-08-07, 7:31 PM
Quote bap ()
Hi, is it possible to change the date of my group to friday? i have to play soccermatch today ;( Would be awesome.

Grtz bAp

Huh? xD
Message # 4 | Posted on: Friday, 2014-08-08, 0:12 AM
Hey hey hey.

I would like to know (and Ithink I'm not the only one in that case) what the rules are about the missing players in playoffs.

It really looked like total improvisation :

1st : bap missing, group with 3 players (no replacement)
2nd : poker missing, replaced by sky (who is set in another group already...)
3rd : other players missing, replaced by players that didn't go through the top64.

Would be cool to get clear explanations for how it goes in the future biggrin

And keep on the nice job you've done so far about organizing this event so far.

From France with love,
Message # 5 | Posted on: Friday, 2014-08-08, 0:27 AM
Hello omni smile first of all we need to apologize for all the issues that happened today. Someone changed the group orders and we don't know yet who... we don't know how that happened. This caused me to panic as I was the only admin online ... you can call this bad organization you are right. Seeing so many players will not show up .. and most of them did not announce it.. I had to improvise and I did it wrong. Maybe I should have not let replacements but then some matches would have been with 2 players only. So everything was a mess in todays organisation.. thats the explanation for what you asked.
From tomorrow on, we will not use any more replacements... if someone does not show up in 10 minutes, the match will go on without him.
Message # 6 | Posted on: Friday, 2014-08-08, 1:43 AM
Ok thanks smile
And it wasn't sarcasm, orga has been good so far, besides this lil point smile
Message # 7 | Posted on: Friday, 2014-08-08, 1:56 PM
Well it's it was kinda a mess yestarday, but that doesnt mean it was your fault smile Many players are missing and thats their fault!

I just got a bit angry when it was live in my group and a bunch of people were entering the server in the middle of the rounds to spec...well there were at least 2 streamers there so it was unnecessary. Besides that, I think its going pretty well, just keep it cool man, dont worry about blaming or raging, its their fault and not yours smile
Message # 8 | Posted on: Friday, 2014-08-08, 2:45 PM
Yes those people were the next ones who were playing but I did not tell them to join the server yet .. I don't know why they suddenly done it.. when everyone knows the password it is hard to control who joins or not.. and kicking during a round is not good aswell for the ones who play.. might distract them.. 

Other than that, thanks guys for your trust smile I hope and believe issues like yesterday won't happen from now on.
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